Our number one goal is to prepare dancers and educators for a one-of-a-kind journey, whether that is becoming a better dancer, moving from the classroom to a career, or strengthening the walls of one’s studio.

All of us here, both staff and judges, are passionate about creating a supportive, inspirational, and educational environment at Open Call. We are excited to have forged a renewed commitment and partnership among many companies and programs that work to support artists and their careers and we are honored to bring this dynamic network straight to you. Our attendees, in addition to medals, win scholarships and prestigious awards while establishing meaningful industry connections. We are excited to be offering your studio, teachers, and dancers new opportunities!


NEW VIP Studio Owner Rewards Program

VIP Gift Bag with FREE promotional merchandise 

VIP Studio Lanyard and Program

Win Exclusive Studio Awards

Featured on our Social Media and Website

Unlimited Studio Entries

Solitaire Black Diamond awarded to the highest scoring Studio (must enter 10+ routines to be eligible)


Enter your ENTIRE studio all at once! As an option instead of adding each participant individually, you are able to use an Excel spreadsheet to import all of your dancers and teachers at one time!


When you are ready to import your dancers begin by clicking “Import Multiple Dancers”. When creating your excel spreadsheet your headers must match in the excel file for this process to work (Header A=First Name, Header B=Last Name, Header C=Date of Birth, Header D=Gender, Header E=Code). Save your file as a CSV file. Now entering all your dancers and teacher/choreographers is a simple click away.

Open Call is using a software that makes
registering your entries much quicker and easier! 

We do encourage all entries to be made online. However, should you need to manually register please note you will not be considered registered until you have received a confirmation email stating we have received your manual registration form and FULL PAYMENT. All fees must be paid in the form of a certified check or Visa/Mastercard/American Express credit card. All entries must be received 21 days prior to the competition date. Those registered after the 21 day cut-off will be subject to late fees. Online registration will be turned off 7 days prior to the event and on-site prices will be put into effect.

All entry fees are non-refundable.


Please email to request a Studio Owner packet.

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