About Open Call Competition

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Open Call is the competition connecting dancers to career opportunities in a professional performance atmosphere. Our specialized judges' panel includes today's top dancers, talent agents, directors, and choreographers.

Through these various industry collaborations, we offer unique pathways for dancers of all ages to transition from the pre-professional level to the professional working industry.

All of us here, both staff and judges, are passionate about creating a supportive, inspirational, and educational environment at Open Call. We are excited to have forged a renewed commitment and partnership among many companies and programs that work to support artists and their careers.

Come see how Open Call can help your studio, teachers, and dancers gain insight and inspiration from professionals who have helped shape where dance is today!

Meet Our Open Call Family

Our Onsite Crew is made up of local dancers and non-dancers alike, who are interested in a weekend internship with Open Call! We present an extraordinary opportunity for the innovative young person: join our Onsite Crew! 

Gain invaluable work experience in the dance industry while assisting the directors and staff at our exciting dance competition. As part of our Onsite Crew, you will have the chance to be behind the scenes of a dance competition. You will see how Open Call's dance competition is constructed and establish important contacts in the dance world that will serve you for the duration of your career. Your duties will offer a remarkable opportunity to enrich your experience with hands-on training in industry-related skills. Get behind the scenes with us! Applicants must be at least 18 years old, professional, prompt, and eager to learn. Crew Members must arrive the Friday before the event – times subject to change. 

Apply Today!


  • Must be able to adhere to Open Call event schedule for the desired weekend
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Basic computer program skills (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel)
  • Must be able to perform minimal labor
  • Must be 18 years of age

To apply for this incredible opportunity, download application and return to:
Open Call, 396 Foundry Street, Athens, Ga, 30601.

For any questions please email allison@opencallcompetition.com.

*Please note this is an unpaid onsite internship.